I haven’t met you yet…

I haven’t met you yet, but meeting you will be like a great love story. You make my heart beat faster, you make me lose sense of time, you make me forget it all. You make me feel that hope and fate are on our side. But here I am, reading a great love story on my own. Trying to keep reading but all I can imagine is you and I. I’m laying on my bed, feeling one hundred different emotions towards how I feel about you. How reading this book makes me feel paralyzed but I know you’ll get me to dance.


Love has no distance

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in loving the one you’re with. If you having to work towards the same happiness as well. You have to enjoy their craziness as much as they enjoy yours. Care for each other like there’s no tomorrow. Distance is hard. You end up loving deeply and being without their touch kills you. Sometimes it’ll hurt not being next to each other, wondering when the next time will be. Sometimes there are missed calls and texts back later than normal but you’re both working towards a future where you’ll both live in the same house. On a cosy Sunday morning, pancakes are made, reading a book or watching your favourite TV series with a blanket covering both of you. Love has no bounds. Love has no distance. Love is love.