17 years of being alive part 1 

I got given an idea to sum up the 17 years I’ve been alive. I thought it would be a great way to start blogging, to start off with something simple like this. How it would be for people to see what I’ve been through. I’m going to do it in parts so this is part one. Part two will be next week and part three the week after…

I was born 12 December 1998. I was premature as a baby, i was born just a bit too early. Or as my parents say “I wasn’t cook properly” a bit of a joke. I was a twin, but unfortunately she died before birth, to this day I wish Riley was here with me, by my side as it would be so much better.  Riley will forever be in my heart. I was actually suppose to be born in January, turns out I wanted to come up a bit to soon.

1. The first year of my life as many people know when a baby is born, is pretty much just them wanted attention, love and effection. Crying, eating, and learning to crawl and walk. Having play dates and going everywhere and anywhere to which you had no clue. Also learning to talk, my first word was “dad.” Most people think the first year is boring which it is, but in a way it’s memorable to when you become older. You know, when you grow up you ask your parents what your first word was, when you started to walk or crawl. 

2. The second year of your life, your parents try and get you to play with their friends children that are the same age or younger. To which you sit there and fight over who wants what toy, because at that age you know a few words but not many. Or you go to play groups or to adventurous places where you play with little cars that you can be pushed around in or worse, you could be me and crack your head open whilst you and your  brother were washing them red and yellow cars you used to push yourself while the adults were busy doing house work or something, to that I got stitches for and still have the scare on my head. 

3. By the time you get to your third year, you’ve done all kind of stupid things your parents asked you not to do again, but you didn’t listen so you did it again. When your three all you care about is food, the tv or trying to distract your parents from whatever they are doing. Or you were just a stubborn kid. Me, I had my brother and sister to annoy. I’m sure they loved me back then. At the age of three I moved to the second home I was going to live in, I moved to Norfolk, which was probably my parents best decision ever. So I had the excitement of sharing a room with my sister, you know when you get to about three, you get to sleep in the big girl bed. Me and my sister had bunk beds, I don’t think she liked sharing a room with me to be honest, at that age you just like to make a mess and that’s what I did

4. Age 4 you are at that age where you can go to play groups while your parents are working or busy with house works, shopping, getting ready for when their parents come round or something like that. Most days I probably just played with babies or bratz dolls that were around then. Or them little shopping sets you got for Christmas. Mostly you just go everywhere with your parents because your too young to be left on own and to go to school yet. Age 4 you don’t really know what your doing, just living life drinking orange juice out of cartons, and pulling your mums arm every five minutes because you wanted that toy or that magazine. Or a slice of cake. 

5. At this point in my life, I was 5 and mum took me to my first dance class. I was a shy little kid, to I clung onto my mums arm for dear life. But once I got into ballet I was okay, at this point most people says you still don’t know what you want to be, but I knew. I wanted to be a dancer. So I continued going to this dancer school, it was fun, I made friends with my mums friends children. I didn’t really talk to them much, I just wanted to dance. It was the one thing I was good at. Dancing was great you didn’t have to talk to anyone, just follow the moves and music. Also at age 5 you went to nursery where you were put into groups and did all kinds of games and activities to learn new skills. All I remember is that when it came to nursery all I liked to do was pe and dancing because that’s what I was good at. Making friends was the hard part, trying to talk to people. Because I’m def in my right ear, it was hard to hear people sometimes. Some people thought I was ignoring them or being weird, the teachers just thought I was in my own world. Which I was, I had one of those imaginary best friend who agreed with me in everything, who didn’t care who I was, that he excepted me for me. But I was five what did I know. 

6. By this time I had gone into year 1, which was kind of scary for a six year old, again I got put into different classes so it was different people and different teachers, I didn’t like it. At break and lunch I would sit by myself because I had no friends, I was the lonely girl in the corner. I use to find myself sat where no one could find me to make fun of me, my name was the first thing people use to say about, the whole page from a book etc… that joke got old after a while. But I was always with my imaginary friend, wondering around the tree waiting for the time I could dance again. This first six years were just the start but you’ll always remember what you had and what you wanted to be, who you knew then and how you were so excited to grow up… 

the next six years of my life will be on next weeks blog. ✌🏼️ 

Born a dancer  

I’ve known I wanted to be a dancer since I was in year 2. I started dancing at the age of 5, dancing has always been away to take my mind of things, the saying I go by “you can find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time” is one of the most amazing quotes ever. I go by it everyday. I would dance around my room as you do, and school plays were great I’d always want to be in them. When it came to doing P.E. in school, and they said we would be doing some dancing I would not hesitate to get up and show them, what I’ve got, what I can do. In high school, I ended up picking some GCSEs I didn’t want to do, but unfortunately I couldn’t change them. So I went through high school not being able to do what I’m passionate about. Until college, where I didn’t get my first choice which was to be a writer. My back up plan was to do performing arts, which involved acting and dancing. All I can say is that I’m glad my first choice failed because I couldn’t be more happy that I got to dance on stage and show not just a class but a whole range of an audience what I can do. Every show we did, I would some how be able to dance in it, dancing is something that just comes natural to me. Growing up I had no friends to play with or talk to in the play ground at lunch. I was so shy and because of all my learning difficulties that I just shut myself away from people, because they would make fun of me or bully me. But when I danced, I didn’t care what people thought of me because the music was so loud I couldn’t hear them and I was too busy making up dance routines to be looking at them. Dancing will forever be my passionate. I was born a dancer.