A dream come true

I smell the pillow that he sleeps with,

when he’s gone as his scent stays on the pillow next to me.

The vision of him,

curling up wrapping his arms around me.

The way his face smiles,

in his sleep.

Sleeping next to him is like,

a dream.




Crystal Clear

The way I feel about him is crystal clear. 

Truthfully, I could talk about him all day and all night. I would still have a million more things to say about him. Sometimes words can become meaningless so these few words are, he is the most amazing person

I have ever met, I can not imagine my life without him.

He is the first person to make me smile in a while.

And it’s actually real.

He is my first and last thought of ever day.

See the thing is I don’t sleep so I have conversations with the moon. He talks about the sun and I, well I talk about him.

The way his baby blue eyes c

onnect with mine. The way he moves the hair from my face with one hand as the other runs up and down my back. The way he smiles, like holy mother of god. Could he be anymore adorable.

The love I feel for him is indescribable.

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This really is love

I don’t think I could ever describe how i feel about him. Like i have tried to describe it in words but i just can not do so. The way i feel about him is just unspeakable, How he makes me feel, they way he looks at me, how he makes me laugh. To all of the above.

He is the first guy to ever make me feel so special in the way that I’m excited to hear his car coming up my road.

At the same time, i feel so sad to see him leave. Like my heart aches knowing i have to wait a while until i can feel the save and warmth in his arms as we sleep beside each other.

His hugs are more than enough to make you feel loved. He makes me feel like i’m the only girl in the world sometimes.

The way he looks at me just makes me smile like an idiot, it’s even better when i look at him and hes already looking at me.

His eyes are one of the reasons i fell in love with him, they are so dreamy yet irresistible.

His lips as soft as can be, every time we kiss it’s like the first time, there’s that feeling there like we are meant to be.

I’m glad i met him because  if i didn’t then i don’t think i would be as happy as i am when he’s around.

I love him more than words or actions can say or do.