Nightmare into hell

Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real yet you know it isn’t?

This nightmare I keep having, it some times wakes me for what sleep I actually get. How it makes me feel so scared yet i know its not true. In my head it feels so real though as if I’ve lived through it. I know its based on something i went through when i was little but it’s in like a different way, the nightmare makes it worse, like by a lot. It feels like hell…

I can’t get my head round why i keep having it! Like why is it constantly in my head?

Why after all these years do i keep having it?

There are so many questions yet the only one that can answer them are myself…

Yet i have no clue as to how i can answer my own questions when the nightmare keeps stopping at one place, every time i have it.

It doesn’t go any further that that.

Maybe one day i’ll share it with you…

When i figure out the ending of the nightmare





He ran, and ran.

Approaching the house.

He stopped, stood still.

The front door opened.

Walked in, fear in his eyes.

Panic on his face.

Doors everywhere.

Eyes peering from side to side.

From door to door.

None would open.

Except one, at the end.

He pushed it with force.

A dark gloomy room.

A chair with a spot light.

He crept in.

The cold breeze touched his skin.

He shivered. Lips trembling. Hands shaking.

BANG! The door closed.

Locked shut.

The light goes out.

He’s trapped.