I think of you as family. But what am I to you?

Ever sit and wonder if you’re ever good enough?

Someone makes me think it everyday, how I’m not good enough to be apart of them. This is someone who’s suppose to be a big part of my life but isn’t. Someone who’s suppose to be by my side on a day to day basis. Unfortunately this person isn’t for many reason which i can’t even explain to why this person doesn’t bother with me at all. I make all the effort, all the texts, calls and meet ups. Yet I’m still sat here thinking why am i not good enough to be part of their life, I’m forever being let down.

Will i ever be good enough? I’ll never know, because everyday I’ll forever keep trying to be part of your life whether you like it or not, I think of you as family.

So to whoever reads this, you are always good enough even if someone important to you doesn’t think so.

You will always be good enough to someone.