My safe person

She became my safe person.

She is the gold who holds my hand when I get anxious in public, she’s the one who would hug me until I was calm. So patient and never rushing anything.
She is the one would make me laugh even when I didn’t want to, but it felt good to laugh with her. She is the one who knows my flaws and does her best to make me feel comfortable.

She is the one who has always been there for me, when friends have come and gone, when family didn’t understand my feelings or why I was acting the way I was. She was there, she is there.

She is my safe person.

She is the person who makes me feel more secure and less like I’m a crazy person. I feel better when she’s around and I can deal with situations with her by my side. Better than I ever would have alone.

She is the person who is there and always will be, she’s the one I text straight away with good news, she’s the one who constantly says she proud of me for getting through difficult situations or for getting a new job and copping with the change. She’s the person I could and can lean on in difficult times, she’s the person that will lay with me when I feel terrible and she’s the person who comforts me the most. She’s the one who makes me a cup of tea every morning score I go to work, she’s the one who comforts me when I’ve had a bad day at work. She’s the one I dreamt about and she’s the one I have to call my love.

She is my safe person, and I’ve never had a safe person until now.

6 Months. One girl ❤️

25th September 2019

The day my life changed, the day we sat on my bed after helping move things into the loft. We sat on my bed and I fell asleep lying next to you. It felt like I was finally safe. I was in the right arms, at the right time.

The day you asked if I would be your girlfriend, we were standing there in the car park just as you were about to leave my house. You kissed me, and then asked me to be your girlfriend.

It’s you. You’re the one I wanted.

6 months later and we are still together and still going strong. You are the love of my life, you’re the person I have always wanted to be with and genuinely you are the right person for me. The person I wasn’t looking for, we just met at the right time. I tried to put up all my walls because I was so used to get hurt, that I didn’t think you’d be able to break them all down and love me for me but you have. I started caring for you, not knowing I would care for you more than I have ever cared for anyone. I get lost in your eyes daily. Your beauty is beyond anything in this world of mine. I’ll forever thank the universe for putting me in wilkos as the security guard, for finally meeting you. I truly love you with all my heart. You’re everything to me.

You’re the one I will always want to come home to after a bad day at work, you’re the one I will always want to roll over to in the middle of the night and wake up to you every day for the rest of my life. You’re the one I will always want to go on cute little dates. You’re the one I will always want to go on fun, exhilarating adventure with. You’re the one I want to stay in forever with and build a fort while we watch over favourite movies and eat our favourite snacks. You’re the one I will always try to make happy for the rest of my life. You’re the one I want to love, and to hold when times get tough. The one I want to be there for when the world comes crashing down. Through all my good days and bad days, you’re e one I want to spend them with.

And I swear to you, I have never been more sure about someone or something in my entire life. Without a single doubt in my mind.

It’s you. You’re the one.

It’ll always be you

Three dates. One girl


I was so nervous, I saw you getting off the train and I couldn’t wait for you to hug me like you said you would. The nerves went away as soon as your arms where around me.

You walked me to my bus stop, luckily I missed my bus and my goodness I’m glad I did.

You’re hand in my hand felt like home. The way you looked at me was like you had seen the sunrise for the first time. You’re smile could light up the entire room, hell it lit up my entire world. The moment your soft lips kissed mine, I knew I was yours. It was like my whole body become electrifying. When our lips met, it was like you were the only person I’ve kissed.


I sat opposite you on the bus and just seeing you smiling and laughing was enough to make my day already. Being able to hold your hand was spectacular.

It was windy but we didn’t care about the weather. Laying on the beach with you was unbelievable, we didn’t care about the sand between our toes or how soaked I was from going into the sea. You laid with me anyway.

That sweet moment with you, where our lips met again was phenomenal. Our legs intertwined and our arms locked around each other, was like heaven. The bus ride home, I fell asleep laying on your legs and you didn’t mind. You played with my hair and woke me up when we arrived back in the city.


Sea life world with you was sensational, seeing the turtles and all the other sea life animal. Buying me a turtle necklace and myself buying you a penguin snow globe. You meeting some of my family and don’t mind them being slightly insane.

From helping with moving boxes to cuddling on my bed, and you asking me to be your girlfriend.

Three dates, days apart and my feelings for you grow stronger everyday. You’re incredible, being with you is mind-blowing

You’re my favourite thought. You’re the girl everybody dreams about but I’m lucky enough to call you mine.

She said,

“I give up, this feeling is making my warm heart go cold” but her heart hugged her mind and said “not yet, love. There is more to this than giving up on someone you love. I need you to believe in me, my precious mind. The same way I’ve always believed in you, keep fighting mind, for I the heart of her is not going cold just yet”

Love instead of restriction

Find  that someone who stays by your side and let’s you achieve your dreams. Someone who know the difference between love and restriction. Someone who helps you chase your dreams instead of forcing you to be the person you hate becoming. Someone who explores the world with you instead of telling you not to go. Someone who’s not afraid to walk hand in hand with you wherever you are. Someone who asks you how your day was or what you’re doing without that doubt in their voice like you’re lying or hiding something. Someone who’s worried that you got home safe instead of worrying where you’ve gone and who you are with. Someone who you can be honest with without feeling judged. Someone who when you are in an anxious state, can pull you out of it and make you smile. Someone who even when you are apart can reassure you that they are safe and that they are there.

Love instead of restriction.