I think of you as family. But what am I to you?

Ever sit and wonder if you’re ever good enough?

Someone makes me think it everyday, how I’m not good enough to be apart of them. This is someone who’s suppose to be a big part of my life but isn’t. Someone who’s suppose to be by my side on a day to day basis. Unfortunately this person isn’t for many reason which i can’t even explain to why this person doesn’t bother with me at all. I make all the effort, all the texts, calls and meet ups. Yet I’m still sat here thinking why am i not good enough to be part of their life, I’m forever being let down.

Will i ever be good enough? I’ll never know, because everyday I’ll forever keep trying to be part of your life whether you like it or not, I think of you as family.

So to whoever reads this, you are always good enough even if someone important to you doesn’t think so.

You will always be good enough to someone.

Stay strong, Be proud

My whole life I’ve had people try and tear me down for the things I’ve believed in or for my dreams. Many people said how i wouldn’t succeed  and that i would be rubbish at it. being someone who got bullied a lot throughout my childhood and high school, I let people tear me down and get to me. I let them bully me because I didn’t think I was strong enough to fight them, and tell them that i will succeed. Being bullied took a toll on what I wanted to do in life, even the doctors told me i couldn’t do my dreams.

The reason for this blog is because today one of those people tried to tear me down like they did in high school. I didn’t let it get to me and I didn’t react to it either. I just let it slip by because If you don’t react then in the end they will get tired of bully someone who isn’t listening and carrying on with their dreams because they know they are better and can and will succeed. Being one of many who have been bullied, I always believed that the bully weren’t happy with themselves so they tried to drag down the people who were succeeding and making potential. They hated seeing other people happy, they didn’t like that you loved yourself.

So to anyone who’s ever been bullied, don’t let them tear you down, don’t let them get into your head and mess with your mind. Everybody is unique and will succeed. All you have to do is push them away, out of your mind, out of your life.  Take a step back and look at yourself everyday and say “I’m a winner at life, i will succeed. i will become my dreams!” I say this to myself everyday. I have people telling me how I’m such an inspiration, how I’m going to go far in life because I chose to ignore the people telling i was a nobody. I’m no longer a NOBODY!

To the people trying to bring anyone down, it isn’t working. Stop tearing people down, try and find happiness with yourself.

To the people who feel worthless and unwanted, broken and bullied. You are strong, you should be proud. And you are worth everything you are. Stay strong, be proud and live your life the way you want to



Follow your dreams

Have you ever had to give something up that you love, it’s your dream and passion over something that can’t be helped but you turn to the worse because you feel as if you will never be able to do it again. That’s my thought everyday, I’ve had to give up dancing for a little while until i find a way to continue dancing because of a small situation to which actually makes it a big problem even though it doesn’t seem big. Everyday i have a decision to make on finding a way to continue, it’s just whether i take up that offer is the real question.

Some day i just think about giving it up all together but then i think that i’d be giving up my dream. I wouldn’t be fighting for it at all. I see people everyday doing what they love, yes they had small situations but that didn’t stop them, so why should it stop me? The purpose of this is to never give up on your dream even if things become slightly difficult along the way. if you give up now, you’ll beat yourself up for it in the future. I’m finding ways to get around the problem and you should too. i’m even thinking of doing a third year at college to continue with acting and dancing on stage.

Follow your dreams

The Maze

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a never ending maze?

That’s the best way to describe my mind as if I’m stuck repeating the same mistakes everyday. My heart is split into a thousand pieces like I’ve been stabbed multiple times, within my body crumbles in excruciating pain from running, running a thousand miles to end up right  back to where I started.

No. Stop running and fight the pain, find where you want to go and make it happen.

Mistakes are portals to discovery

(first monologue I ever wrote.)

A Waiting Game

Everyday my eyes are set on one person, he has show me more love than anyone, been by my side every step of the way. He has been my rock this past month, he has made me realise I’m talented and has been waiting for me to show him another piece of my talent everyday whether its another chapter of my book, or another blog, or even another monologue. He inspires me more and more because he wants me to succeed, he wants me to show the world what I am truly capable of.

He makes my heart skip beats, he makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. he makes me believe in myself even when I don’t think I’m good enough to make my dreams come true. he loves me for me. He’s standing by me even with all my illness and problems, he has shown me that he isn’t going anywhere.

I think I have finally found the guy I’ve been waiting for, the guy who’s right for me.  If anyone every finds a person like this don’t ever let them go. I found my keeper, my love, my soul mate, my everything. I waited and waited, until he fell into my lap and I will never forget the day I met him 22:08:2016

Sometimes waiting can be annoying and boring but I finally found the person who loves me right. All you have to do is wait a little bit longer. you’ll find that special someone.

Its just a waiting game and you’ll finally win someday