Nightmare into hell

Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real yet you know it isn’t?

This nightmare I keep having, it some times wakes me for what sleep I actually get. How it makes me feel so scared yet i know its not true. In my head it feels so real though as if I’ve lived through it. I know its based on something i went through when i was little but it’s in like a different way, the nightmare makes it worse, like by a lot. It feels like hell…

I can’t get my head round why i keep having it! Like why is it constantly in my head?

Why after all these years do i keep having it?

There are so many questions yet the only one that can answer them are myself…

Yet i have no clue as to how i can answer my own questions when the nightmare keeps stopping at one place, every time i have it.

It doesn’t go any further that that.

Maybe one day i’ll share it with you…

When i figure out the ending of the nightmare





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