keep dancing through life

You know that feeling when you sit there and think should I keep going? should I keep letting everything come tumbling down on me? is this going to get better?

Sometimes I think that I’m the only one who thinks like that, but everyone over the world is going through their own version of hell . Over this past year I’ve had things tear me down constantly, bad things but I’ve also had things that have made me realise that my future is bright and that I just need to get up and dance through life like nobodies watching. Like nothing else is going to tear me down.

Everyday I get up and out of bed even when its a struggle and I don’t want to. But every morning something reminds me that I need to, that I have too. And everyday is another step closer to my dreams, my passions, my future.

So if there is ever a day when you don’t want to get up and out of bed just think that one day you will succeed.

Go show the world what your made of, that’s what I’m doing everyday even when I just feel like turning the alarm off and rolling over, shutting my eyes for a different day to come. So many people out there are like this but they don’t know that they have potential, they have talent and they have an opportunity to be who they want to be.

Remember keep dancing through life and following your dreams


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