A special feeling that doesn’t go away 

Ever met someone who has made you feel more special than before? 

Because I have. That person made me believe I could do what I love and be proud of it. That person made me believe I’m talented, I’m loved and so much more. It’s hard to explain when you have that kind of relationship where you don’t care what you’ve been through, you know they won’t judge you, they won’t leave you because of you’re past. But they stayed even when things get hard. They stayed even after finding out all they did, like that didn’t matter to them because they told you that you’re special, that they will help you work on what you need to get better at and they will be by your side 100% of the time. They stayed even when you felt like they weren’t, when you tried to push them away, but that they also listened when you need someone to talk to, the gave you a hug when you needed and they stayed up when I wasn’t tired. That’s what you want, that’s what you dreamed of.

The best part about all of this and what they said is that they proved it. They proved they cared and they are still proving it now, that’s the greatest kind of thing you could ever feel, you feel like your special and you mean the most to that person than ever. You start to believe they are going to leave, they aren’t going to judge you and they are going to stay for a long time. This special feeling that gives you butterflies all the time. 

One day you’ll meet this person and you’ll just know that that’s the person, the person you want to stay in your life for a very long time. Never try to find this person, let them come to you. 


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