17 years of being alive part three 

Continuing my blog from the previous weeks, it’s finally the last part of 17 years of being alive, I turn 18 in 21 days. 

13. At this age I moved schools again to open academy which is the old heartsease school. That’s where everything changed, the bully started again and I didn’t have as many friends as before. I felt like an outsider again, like I was nothing. I only lasted a year at this school, as I didn’t want to continue there and didn’t want to do my GCSE’s there either, they didn’t accept my learning difficulties like other schools did. At this point I was in a relationship, my first ever real relationship that was serious.

14. At this point I moved schools again! I moved to Norte Dame high school where I started my GCSE’s. everyone knew me at this school because they were all the people I went to school with when I was little, but I made friends here too, more than before and it wasn’t so bad. But I was okay with my boyfriend at the time and the friends I had, things were finally going okay. 

15. Things gotta bit harder because of all the stress with GCSEs, family and the boyfriend, unfortunately we ended a short while later this year. For the best. So I just focussed one’ll my lessons and I got my first job at pandora’s kitchen. I worked there for a year and it was great. This year was just full of GCSEs and working hard at my job etc

16. It was the year of GCSEs. Unfortunately my GCSEs didn’t work out very well, so i didn’t get into sixth form. I had another boyfriend at this point but again it didn’t work out, we were only together for just under 6 months. My GCSEs grades weren’t good at all, so my back up plan was to go into acting and dancing. Which was great being back on the stage showing my talent to the Public. 

17. This year hasn’t been the best but I got through everything that’s been going on, I passed my college course and my first year at college. I started my second year at colllege, doing production arts which is everything behind the stage instead of on it. Except my health hasn’t been great and things have changed. I’ve been to all these hospital appointments to make me better and it’s slowly working, I’m focusing on college with all the family issues going on that college is my main focus. Today was the greatest of all because I got asked out my the guy I like. It’s the start to something new. 

I hope you loved reading all about my time of being alive, yes it’s been a roller coaster but it’s been worth it. I will be doing a blog every week about my passions and dreams etc 


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