17 years of being alive part two 

Continuing my blog from last week, this is part two. Part three will be next week.

7. At the age of 7 I was in year two, the teachers just thought I was day dreaming but really I was pretending I could read and write because what was really happening was I found it difficult to do both, I just didn’t want to be bullied even more than I already had. So I kept it a secret, nobody knew. Until my mum pushed for me to have some tests done because my mums always wanted the best for me, which in the end it worked out well. I finally found out I’m diyalexic and have mears irlen syndrome. Both are serious learning difficulties. So I finally started getting help with my work which was great because I didn’t have to pretend anymore. Couldn’t thank my mum more for all she’s done. 

8. Through this year of me being 8, it was difficult because things started to change. There was no longer five in the house, it was just four. My sister went to live somewhere else because their were problems that they wouldn’t tell because I was too young. But I knew everything that was going on anyway, I was 8, not stupid. Then it started getting serious because men in suits were coming to take me out of my lesson to talk to me asking if home life was okay and other questions which were kind of hard to answer at the age of 8. I thought I was gonna lose everyone in my family home. There was one teacher who was my hero, he was there with me every step of the way. Mr Slack I cannot thank you enough, so if you ever see this, you were and will always be my hero for helping get through that tough time. 

9. My learning difficulties got worse as I kept getting different teachers and them having to learn everything about me, around this time was when I found out I was allergic to so much: All nuts, trees, wasps, fish, etc the list goes on. So it became more realistic because I had to be alert much more than before. Things started to get difficult and I started to not believe in myself. Nearly gave up dance, gave up acting and everything I love. More tests for my learning difficulties. It got harder but that didn’t stop me. At the age of nine i think I had my first boyfriend haha, the kind you have when you’re in middle school. Only lasted a few days as it normally did back then. 

10. Double digits now. Haha ten was a weird age, around this age you get do the normal stuff like playing with friends or little birthday parties. Me I was sat in my room most of the time, I didn’t have friends. Was still getting bullied for my glasses, and my hypermobility which effected my ability to do pe etc. So dancing got harder but I didn’t want to give up. I carried on until I went under a trampoline and some jumped on my back which cracked my vertebrae. So that led to more problems with myself. Wasn’t fun at all. I got invited to my first ever birthday party by Ruben, he was a boy in my class who was kind enough to invite me, it was nice to get out and see people. I guess I had my first real friend, other people at school knew me just never really spoke to me so it was annoying but I just sat in the corner by myself. I moved back to where I was born at this point as something bad happened to a family member. So we moved back to Welwyn and I went to my first high school, wasn’t there long as we moved back to lowestoft within months. 

11. High school approached, which meant new teachers, new people and more tests. So it was my second high school, Benjamin/foxborough high. I finally made friends, real friends and it was great. Emily was my best friend, and took me to become friends with all her group. I finally had friends. And I had my first real boyfriend, we were together 5 months. But it just didn’t work out. So we then moved back to Norwich from Lowestoft, which was just at the end of year 7. 

12. We moved back to Norwich where I had to move schools, because it was a bit too far to travel. So I moved to sprowton where I was there for two weeks because I got beaten up. So I went back to Benjamin Britten for the rest of year 8. Which was just boring lessons, lunch with the girls and trying to ficgure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I didn’t get as bullied here as I did else where. I guess because I had friends, I still got the odd comment of nastiness but kinda just tried to ignore it. 

Thanks for reading, part three will be next week. From the age of 13 to 17 the age I am now.


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